There is magic in beginnings. It is the feeling of getting up after a long and refreshing sleep. It is the excitement and nervousness of starting on a new job. It is the delight you feel when you discover it has snowed at night, and you look at its unblemished surface—still young, still fresh, and full of possibilities.


For the Simile team, another academic year has started, and there is a new Simile issue to prepare for. And since the year is still young and fresh, we would like to seize all the possibilities for this new Simile year. And because we are feeling generous, we would like to give you more this year. More content, more humor, more beautiful things. To lift a tip of the veil: once a month, you can find fresh a blog post on this page, and on our Facebook page we will schedule regular posts. Once a week, for instance, we will share with you a wonderful and unusual word. Secondly, we will, also once a week, give you a poem—both new and old, both well-known classics and undiscovered jewels. Finally, to lighten the mood, you can expect to see some regular humor on our Facebook page.


And apart from all this, of course, we will let you know all there is to know about Simile; all the things we have in store for you this year. Of course, we hope to convince some of you to join us in our mission to get the seventh issue of Simile to its publication. But a magazine is not a magazine without readers, so if you are now reading this blog post, you are already taking with us our first tentative steps.


The Simile team is eager to embark on its yearly journey. With the team, with all our editors, writers, and artists, but also with you, the reader. We hope you will join us.


— The Creative Team